What is Guidance?

Generally Guidance Is Helping Someone In Solving Problems Related To Different Aspects Of One’s Life.

Why We Need Guidance?

We need guidance because in every phase of life every one face some changes, to deal with these changes we need guidance. These changes can be following-  

  • Social And Economic Changes
  • Changing Conditions Of Home,
  • Increasing Number Of Aspirants For All Sectors Of Education,
  • Expansion And Diversification Of Course Of Study
  • Mismatch Between Curriculum And Individuals Characteristic
  • For Study Habits Lack Of Interest In Specific Subject Area

Some Important Definitions Of Guidance

Guidance Is Not Giving Directions, It Is Not The Imposition Of One Person’s Point Of View Upon Another Person. It Is Not Making Decisions For An Individual Which He Should Make For Himself. It Is Not Carrying The Burden Of Another’s Life.”

crow and crow

Guidance Is A Continuous Process Of Helping The Individual Develop To The Maximum Office Capacity In The Direction Most Beneficial To Himself And Two Source.”

Emery Stoops

Characteristics Of Guidance According To Definition

  1. Guidance Leads To Self Development And Self Direction.
  2. Guidance Is A Continuous Process.
  3. Guidance Focuses Attention On Individual.
  4. Guidance Given By Technically And Professionally Trained  Person.
  5. Guidance Is An Assistant Rather Than Direction Imposition Compulsion.
  6. Guidance Leads To Discovery Of Leaves Assets Plants Of Action And Adjustment Of Emotional Blocking.

Domains Of Guidance

Educational Guidance –Assistance Given In Relation To School Curriculum Courses And School Life.

Vocational Guidance- It Is Assistance Given To Individual To Choose And Occupation Prepare Them For It And Enter Upon And Progress In It.

Personal Guidance- Assistance Given To Students Solve Their Emotional Problem And To Help Them Control Their Emotions And Feelings.

Types Of Guidance Services

There Are Eight Types Of Different Services That Are Provided In Educational Vocational And Personal Guidance

1.Information Services

2. Self Inventory Services

3. Personal Data Collection Services

4. Counselling Services

5. Preparatory Services

6. Placement Services

7. Follow Up Services

8. Research Services

Important Points From This Lesson

  1. Focus Of Guidance Is Individual Not The Problem.
  2. Guidance Promotes Self Direction.
  3. All guidance is education but all education is not guidance.