In simple two lines BLENDED LEARNING actually a combination of traditional classroom teaching and computer-supported teaching. It is also known as HYBRID LEARNING.

When a teacher teaches a certain topic with traditional classroom teaching methods and also uses Information and communication (ICT) support means using an online and offline method to teach he/she helping students to learn using Blended learning or hybrid learning. It is a combination of offline and online learning.


According to Chew, Jones, and Turner, ‘blended learning involves the combination of two fields of concern: education and educational technology’

The term blended learning is the concept that includes framing the teaching-learning process that incorporates both faces to face teaching and teaching supported by ICT.

Blended learning incorporates direct instruction, indirect instruction, collaborative teaching, individualized computer-assisted learning.


The main features of blended learning are-

  • Students have the option of the two modes
  • Teachers are well versed with both the modes
  • Students get face to face interaction as well they
    interact in virtual space
  • Students get the full experience in using new
  • Makes teaching-learning process child-centered
  • Students get training in different life skills
  • Diverse role of teacher

Main Characteristics Of Blended Learning

  • Face to face teaching
  • Student interaction with course content
  • Peer group interaction
  • Group discussion and exchange of ideas
  • Accessing e-library
  • Virtual classroom
  • Online assessment
  • Accessing and maintaining educational blogs
  • Webinars
  • Viewing expert lectures in YouTube
  • Online learning through videos and audios
  • Virtual laboratories

Advantage Of Blended Learning

  • As part of learning is done through ICT, online or offline mode so teachers and students get more time in the classroom for creative and cooperative exercise.
  • Students gain advantage of online learning and CAI without losing social interaction element and human touch of traditional teaching’.
  • It provides more scope for communication. Communication cycle is completed in blended learning which is not possible if we follow only traditional approach Students become more techno savvy and they gain enhanced digital fluency Students have more strengthened professionalism as they develop qualities like self-motivation, self-responsibility, discipline
  • It updates course content and so gives new life to established courses.