What Is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is simply an act of reading a paragraph and grasping its meaning simultaneously so that you can answer some questions quickly based on that paragraph.

Reading comprehension actually tests our understanding power, grasping power, level of your vocabulary, and making decision power. 

Reading comprehension is an important section of almost every exam right from the school grades to a higher level and competitive exams.

Tips To Solve Reading Comprehension (RC) Fastest Way

Most of the students want to score high in exams, if your question paper has Reading Comprehension (RC) it offers you a great opportunity to high marks in your examination. It means RCs offers great rewards but on the other hand RCs are very time and energy consuming. Most of the time you may come across with the passage you never read, in this situation there are some tips you should follow to get full marks in your RC section. And these tips are following:-

First read questions – This will give you key information and idea about the RC and then read the full passage. Now you can easily focus on the key points in the passage.

Focus on the starting and ending part – You should focus on the starting and ending part of the passage, as it contains some important information and facts which may be asked in questions.

Your answer is in the passage– Do not think answer may be out of this passage, most of the answers are in passage and some are in your mind like to give suitable title to this passage, what do you think particular statement is right or wrong etc.

Improve your reading skills – To improve your reading skill try to read at least 5 pages every day and set time limits for you.

Improve your vocabulary– To improve your vocabulary you must read articles written on the different areas like – Art & Culture, History, Science & Technology, Research and Development etc.