Our powerfully crafted NTET Preparation Course:  equips you with the essential skills and knowledge of the National Teachers Eligibility Test (NTET).  This opens the door to a rewarding career as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor in the Indian System of Medicine, allowing you to share your knowledge and make a real difference in students’ lives.

Unlock Your Teaching Potential with NTET preparation Course at Study of Education

Launch your dream career as a teacher in just 90 Hours  Our intensive NTET Preparation Course, designed specifically for aspiring teachers  and post-graduate degree holders equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the National Teacher’s Eligibility Test (NTET). Study of Education

Who can take this course? NTET EXAM

New to Teaching? This course is perfect if you’re passionate about becoming a teacher in the field of alternative or traditional medicine and want to launch your career. We’ll guide you through the eligibility requirements set by the relevant national commission.

Already a post-graduate? If you’ve completed a 30-month post-graduate program or hold an MD/MS/PhD in a relevant field, this course can equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the national teacher eligibility exam.

Course Overview – NTET preparation Course. Unleash Your Teaching Potential in Just 30 Days!

Our intensive NTET Preparation Course offers a comprehensive breakdown of key areas to excel in the exam and your future teaching career:

  • Master Effective Teaching: Learn proven methodologies specifically tailored for the field of alternative/traditional medicine (replace with your specific subject if applicable).


  • Become a Communication Powerhouse: Develop engaging communication skills to effectively connect with students and colleagues.


  • Navigate the Classroom with Confidence: Discover techniques for creating a positive learning environment and managing classroom dynamics.


  • Assess and Innovate: Explore modern assessment methods and integrate educational technologies into your teaching practices.


  • Unlock the Secrets of Learning: Gain valuable insights into how students learn and apply educational psychology principles in your classroom.


  • Engage Adult Learners: Understand and implement adult learning principles for effective knowledge transfer.


  • Optimize Learning Outcomes: Delve into learning theories and pedagogical approaches to maximize student success.


  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest educational policies and initiatives set by the Government of India.

Unleash Your Potential with Study of Education NTET AYUR Prep Course!

Here’s what sets our course apart:

  • Master at Your Pace: Learn from the comfort of your home with high-quality pre-recorded video lectures covering every module of the NTET Ayurveda syllabus.


  • Free Bonus Material: We don’t just offer videos! Upon enrolment, you’ll receive a complimentary printed guidebook, “Secure NTET”(only in Study of Education, packed with valuable information.


  • Live & Interactive: Sharpen your skills and get your questions answered with our engaging live sessions featuring experienced Ayurvedic educators. Participate in discussions, Q&A sessions, and collaborate with fellow students.


  • Expert Guidance by Your Side: Gain invaluable insights and support from seasoned professionals dedicated to your success in the field of Ayurveda education.


  • Comprehensive Learning: Dive deeper into the material with our extensive library of digital study materials covering the entire NTET syllabus.


  • Dedicated Support Team: Never feel lost on your journey! Our dedicated support team is available to provide personalized support and feedback whenever you need it.


Course language

Hindi, English Lecture in Hinglish ( Mixed in Hindi and English )

Course Validation  – 1 Year

Content Area

Teaching Aptitude

Communication Skills

Classroom Management

Teaching, Training, and Assessment Technology

Student Psychology

Andragogy and Pedagogy