1. “Intelligence is not an expression of general factor, but a combination of group traits.” This theory named Group factor structure of intelligence (PMA Test) was propounded by

 (A) L.L Thurstone

 (B) Stoddord

(C) Wechsler

 (D) E.L. Thorndike


2. Binet-Simon Scale was revised in 1937 by :

(A) Terman and Thurstone

(C) Merill and Burt

(B)Thurstone and Merill 

(D)Terman and Merill


3. “Intelligence is the aggregate or the global capacity of individual to act purposefully, to think rationally…. Who gave above definition of intelligence ?

(A) EL Thorndike

(B) Stoddard

(C) Stoddard & Thorndike

(D) Stoddard and Wechsler


4. In multifactor theory, range is related to

 (A) Number of tasks that a person can do in a limited period of time

 (B) difficulty level of items

 (C) General intelligence of learner

 (D) none of these


5. Which of the following test consists of geometric figures and designs ?

 (A) Catell’s Culture fair test

 (B) Thorndike’s intelligence test

 (C) Raven’s Progressive Matrices test

 (D) Peterson scale

6. Stanford Binet scale measures which of the following attribute of an individual ?

 (A) Intelligence

 (B) Creativity

 (C) Aptitude

 (D) Personality


7. Which among the following is also known as creative intelligence ?

 (A) Experiential Intelligence

 (B) Contextual intelligence

 (C) Componential Intelligence

 (D) Practical intelligence


8. The excessive accumulation of cere brospinal fluid in the skull destroys brain tissues and causes retardation. The above symptom is related to which of the following diseases ?

(A) Down syndrome

(B) Hydrocephaly

(C) Phenyl ketonuria

 (D) Mental retardation


9. Which among the following approaches focuses on measuring differences in intellectual abilities?

 (A) Analytical though

 (B) Abstract thought

(C) Information processing approach

(D) Psychometric approach


10. The concept of ‘divergent thinking’ and ‘convergent thing’ are given by

 (A) Thorndike

 (B) Sternberg

 (C) Guilford

 (D) Cattell


11. Maximum number of individuals possess an average of IQ between:

(A) 80-89

 (B) 70-79

 (C) 120-130



12. Which of the following is not an example of performance tests ?

 (A) Picture Completion

(B) Picture arrangement

(C) Block design

(D)Digit span


13. Who suggested the components of emotional intelligence ?

(A) Guilford

 (B) Gardner

 (C) Goleman

(D) Cattell


14. Which of the following is not the characteristics of ‘S’ factor according to Spearman ?

 (A) It is the acquired capacity of the individual

(B) Specialization is only one trade is possible

 (C) It varies from activity to activity in the same individual.

 (D)Individuals differ only in ‘S’ factors of intelligence


15. The theory of level I and level II intelligence was propounded by

 (A) Jenson

(B) Guilford

(C) Catell

 (D) Eysenck

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