What is Positivism Approach of Research ?

The positivist approach to research is a philosophical perspective that emphasizes the importance of using objective and scientific methods to study objective reality. Positivist researchers believe that it is possible to study the world in an impartial and unbiased manner, and that the goal of research is to uncover objective truths about the natural and social world.


One of the key features of positivist research is the use of quantitative methods, such as surveys and experiments, to gather data. These methods are seen as objective and unbiased, and allow for the collection of numerical data that can be analyzed using statistical techniques. Positivist researchers also often use experimental designs to establish cause and effect relationships between variables.

Another important aspect of positivist research is the emphasis on the use of objective measures and operational definitions. Positivist researchers strive to be precise and clear in their definitions of variables and concepts, so that their findings can be replicated by other researchers. They also use objective measures such as surveys, questionnaires and tests to collect the data.

Positivist research also emphasizes the importance of generalizability, or the ability to apply the findings of a study to a larger population. Positivist researchers aim to study a representative sample of a population, and use statistical techniques to generalize their findings to the larger population.

Positivist research is commonly used in fields such as natural sciences, economics, psychology and some areas of medicine, as it is believed that this approach allows for the collection of objective and unbiased data. It is also believed that this approach allows for the identification of cause and effect relationships, which can be used to make predictions and develop theories.

Overall, the positivist approach to research is a valuable perspective for studying objective reality and uncovering objective truths about the natural and social world. It emphasizes the use of objective and scientific methods, and the importance of precision, clarity, and generalizability in research.


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